Native American DNA Testing Services

DNA testing for applicants enrolling in tribal membership.

A Native American DNA Test Provides the Proof You Need

Do you need proof of a biological relationship in order to apply for tribal membership? Many tribes require applicants to produce DNA proof of their family relationship with an existing tribe member. DDC has a dedicated team and special phone number to help assist with tribe-related services. Tribes use our services to establish paternity, provide supporting evidence for enrollment or disenrollment, reunite adopted children with their biological relatives, claim child support and other benefits, and more. Contact our experts today for a free consultation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not an ancestry test to determine if you have Native American “genes” or that provides “ethnic percentages.” This is a service that provides proof of biological relationship between persons for the purposes of applying for tribal membership.

The DDC Promise

Fast Results

Once all samples arrive at the lab.

PhD-Reviewed Results

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Team Support

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Our dedicated team can recommend the right kind of testing to fit your tribe’s requirements.

Native American DNA Tests for Biological Relationships

Our services include:

  • Parentage Testing: determining the biological parent, mother or father
  • Family Relationship Testing: establishing the probability of relatedness to a grandparent or sibling
  • Y-Chromosome and mtDNA Testing: determining relatedness through a paternal or maternal line (respectively)

Results are completely confidential, and your private genetic information is never shared with or sold to outside parties. See our privacy policy here.

Why Choose DDC for Native American DNA Testing?

For 25 years, we have provided the highest-quality testing services to our clients in the Native American community.

  • Recommend testing that fits the tribe’s needs
  • Provide the most accurate testing
  • Give the quickest turnaround time
  • Offer exceptional customer service, with a dedicated team and phone number

To order a Native American DNA Test, call 1.800.319.9099

More about this Test

Q: Will this test tell me if I am Native American?

A: This is not an ancestry test that helps to determine if you may have indigenous-American DNA. Rather, it is a relationship test—paternity, maternity, etc.— that can help establish a biological relationship between you and an existing tribe member if you are applying for tribal membership.


Q: Will this test help me find out which tribe I’m from?

A: This test will not help you find out which tribe you’re from. In fact, there is no test offered by any lab that can tell you specifically which tribe you may be from.

Q: Will this test determine my Blood Quantum (BQ)?

A: Blood Quantum (BQ) is defined as the percentage of ancestors who are documented as full-blood native Americans. There is currently no test on the market to determine your BQ.