Blood Sample DIY DNA Collection Kit

These instructions are for bird owners who choose to collect DNA using a blood sample

DIY Tips

If you are testing multiple birds, it’s important to prevent cross-contamination. Avoid touching the circle on the blood card where the blood is to be placed. If you are collecting samples from more than one bird, make sure to sanitize the nail clippers with alcohol and wash your hands thoroughly between collections. Follow all DIY below instructions carefully, and if you have questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].


Our Pets & Vets products are serviced exclusively through our office in the United States. All DNA tests may be ordered online, but if you need assistance, simply email [email protected] or ring 0800 009 2975 and one of our Pets & Vets experts will be happy to help you place your order as soon as possible. 

Materials For Download

Download Materials

Download and then fill out the sample submission form. Then download the full DNA-collection instructions and read them through before getting started.

Gather What You Need

Gather 1 small plastic bag or paper envelope for each bird, sanitized tweezers, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls/swabs. Collecting DNA is less stressful for your bird when you’re fully prepared.

Label Envelope

Before collecting DNA, label each of the individual envelopes with the following information: owner’s (submitter’s) name, bird’s species (Sun Conure, Senegal Parrot, etc.), and ID for the bird (either its name or band number).

Collect DNA

With the bird restrained, make sure the nail is clean first. Use the nail clippers to clip the bird’s toenail just enough to nick the vein (see full instructions for details). This will produce drops of blood. Place the blood card under the cut nail, allowing the card to absorb enough blood to be visible. Use coagulant on the bird’s nail afterwards, if necessary.

Package Materials

Place sample envelope(s), sample-submission form (s), and payment (if you’ve not already paid online or by phone) into a mailing envelope and address it to DDC.

Mail Samples & Forms

For fastest service, we recommend using a courier service. Once your samples arrive at our lab, we’ll email you results within 5 days.

Reach Us

Do you have questions or need assistance? Contact our team.

Our Pets & Vets products are serviced exclusively by our U.S.A office. Email your request using the form, and one of our experts will reply as soon as possible.

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