How Much Does a Paternity Test Cost?

You’re not certain who the father of your child may be and you’ve decided to turn to DNA science to get the answer. You’re wondering if you can afford a high-quality paternity test, and then suddenly realize you need to know: how much does a paternity test cost? There are many companies offering “cheap” paternity tests on the internet—from companies that only the middleman making a profit. At DDC, we are the laboratory. Our test costs range from £79 to £365 depending on the services you require. We tailor the right test to your needs, and most importantly, we provide accurate results with full customer service.

Details about Paternity-Test Cost and Some Factors to Consider

Although a DNA test may seem as simple as a pregnancy test, there are two main factors that can affect paternity test costs: most especially what you’re going to use results for. These are the top two considerations when determining how much a paternity test costs.

1. Do You Need a Legal Test?

Many people need a paternity test to provide legal documentation of paternity—for child support, child custody, and inheritance, immigration and other legal matters.

legal paternity test provides documentation of the entire testing process, and a trained professional witnesses the participants’ DNA collection. This type of paternity test costs more than if you collect and submit DNA yourself, but you can be assured of legally-admissible test results should you need them now or in the future. Be sure to work with a laboratory that is on the approved list with the Ministry of Justice.

On the other hand, if you just want the paternity test results for personal knowledge, a home paternity test allows you to collect the samples conveniently and in private. This type of test costs less, but the results are generally not accepted in a court of law.

2. Do You Want to Ensure Accuracy?

Of course you do! Who wouldn’t want their test to be as accurate as possible? But the truth is that many cut-rate companies offering services most likely also cut corners on the quality of their processing. To ensure accurate results, it’s worth paying a little more to choose a trusted lab like DDC. DNA testing is a highly-sensitive test, and therefore careful and precise steps must be taken to ensure the correct result is reported. In our laboratory, two independent teams of DNA analysts run every legal DNA test twice, using state-of-the-art equipment, and the results of both tests are compared and verified by a trained scientist with a PhD degree. Our processes comply with ISO 17025 standards to assure the most accurate results possible for our customers.

If you think that a company’s DNA paternity test cost sounds too low to be reliable, it’s probably true. You never know what shortcuts a company is taking to reduce their costs down to maximize their profits. Beware of cheapskates—only a trusted laboratory like DDC should run the most important test you will ever buy.

If you need additional information about a DNA paternity test, contact our experienced customer-service team on 020 3301 7346.