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DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC) is the world leader in private DNA testing. Our highly-accredited laboratory offers paternity testing, immigration testing, veterinary DNA testing, forensic testing, and more. DDC is routinely selected as the premier laboratory to perform DNA testing for TV shows and radio programs. Our DNA tests exceed the media’s most stringent requirements, and we provide special services to meet the unique demands of each media client. Moreover, our scientists are available to give expert opinions and act as a resource whenever media members seek thought leaders on DNA testing.

With a team of highly qualified scientists and dedicated client service personnel, DDC continues to be the media’s primary source for answers to DNA testing questions. Dr. Michael Baird, DDC’s Laboratory Director, was the first DNA expert ever to testify in a US court in 1982 and has testified in hundreds of cases.

Dr. Baird has provided DNA expert consultation in such notable cases as the O.J. Simpson trial, the Anna Nicole Smith paternity case, and the Prince estate case, and has been interviewed on Larry King Live, Nancy Grace, Court TV and many others.

Could my Paternity Test Samples Have Been Contaminated?

 “I think my paternity test samples were contaminated.” Our customer-service specialists often hear this statement from clients who call in, worried about whether or not the samples they submitted for their at-home paternity test or other relationship analysis might...

Inexpensive Paternity Tests: 3 Things to Watch Out For

It could be one of the most important tests you take. Ever. Results from a DNA paternity test can have far-reaching consequences and affect your most important family relationships. With so much at stake, it is essential to choose a laboratory—and paternity test—that...

10 Reasons to Pursue a Sole Residence Order

IMPORTANT: This article gives general information. Keep in mind we are not providing legal advice. If you have further questions, we strongly suggest you contact a solicitor. When Britney Spears suffered a widely-publicised mental breakdown in 2007, her former husband...

Paternity Test Privacy: Should I be Concerned?

Paternity information is ultrasensitive, and we therefore understand you may have concerns about DNA testing privacy when ordering a test. It’s natural to want to control access to highly-sensitive personal information, and moreover, taking a test can be stressful...

How Soon Can You DNA Test a Baby After Birth?

As a top DNA testing lab, our customers ask, “How soon can you DNA test a baby after birth?” For many expectant parents, a non-invasive prenatal paternity test is not the best choice for confirming the father, and they want or need to wait until after the delivery. So...

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