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DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC) is the world leader in private DNA testing. Our highly-accredited laboratory offers paternity testing, immigration testing, veterinary DNA testing, forensic testing, and more. DDC is routinely selected as the premier laboratory to perform DNA testing for TV shows and radio programs. Our DNA tests exceed the media’s most stringent requirements, and we provide special services to meet the unique demands of each media client. Moreover, our scientists are available to give expert opinions and act as a resource whenever media members seek thought leaders on DNA testing.

With a team of highly qualified scientists and dedicated client service personnel, DDC continues to be the media’s primary source for answers to DNA testing questions. Dr. Michael Baird, DDC’s Laboratory Director, was the first DNA expert ever to testify in a US court in 1982 and has testified in hundreds of cases.

Dr. Baird has provided DNA expert consultation in such notable cases as the O.J. Simpson trial, the Anna Nicole Smith paternity case, and the Prince estate case, and has been interviewed on Larry King Live, Nancy Grace, Court TV and many others.

Can You Do a Paternity Test with Multiple Children?

Do you recall the 1988 movie Twins that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as twins separated at birth? It was obvious their starkly-opposite characters had different fathers, paternity testing aside. In reality, this is a real but rare phenomenon known as...

3 Crucial Reasons to Establish Paternity RIGHT AWAY

Because of home paternity test kits, establishing paternity has never been easier or more affordable. Yet, there are still people who are reluctant to take the test and find out the truth. Parents may be worried about how it will affect their personal relationships or...

Top 10 DNA Paternity Testing Myths Revealed

The Truth about Paternity Testing Myths Finding out the identity of a baby’s father provides certainty, allowing the mother and child to move on with their lives or help the possible father to assert his parental rights. Moreover, getting a paternity test may be...

How Can a DNA Test Help Me with my Search for my Ancestors?

How Can a DNA Test Help Me With My Search For Ancestors? Completing your family tree can take years of tireless research. Luckily, many websites and other resources are available to help you search for and find long-lost relatives or trace your family’s place of...

Paternity Test While Pregnant is Possible

A High-Tech Prenatal Option for Establishing Paternity In August 2011, DDC unveiled the most innovative test of its kind in the last decade: the first non-invasive prenatal paternity test using SNP (single-nucleotide polymorphism) Microarray Technology, which requires...

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