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DDC Offers Trusted Testing for Inherited Traits in Dogs, with Accurate Results and 5-Star Customer Service.

Our caring and knowledgeable customer-service specialists are experts with inherited traits in dogs. They’re ready to help you choose the tests that are right for your breed, and work hard every day to continue earning your trust. We’ve partnered with leading scientists in the field to develop, validate, and offer the high-quality genetic screens that are most important to breeders and pet owners.

Coat Color Testing
DNA testing for coat-color genotypes is available for several dogs breeds and helps our clients to more accurately predict the colors of future progeny.

Coat Length or “Fluffy” Test
DNA testing for varying coat-length genotypes is available for many breeds. Long-haired coat length is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. We test DNA marker– FGF5:c284G>T.

Coat Curl Test
This screen tests for the presence of 1 or 2 copies of “curl,” which is a dominant trait. DDC has validated this DNA test for 20 popular breeds.

Coat Furnishings (IC)
Furnishings is best characterized by a longer mustache and eyebrow facial-hair pattern. DDC performs this test for more than 15 breeds.

Myostatin or “Bully” Test for Whippets
This DNA test determines whether a dog has the gene mutation associated with myostatin deficiency. Affected dogs appear overly muscled. This screen is exclusively for Whippets.

Natural Bobtail Test
By identifying the genotypes of phenotypically short-tailed dogs, our clients can accurately determine whether the dog is a Natural Bobtail (genetically short-tailed) or has been artificially docked.

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