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DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC) is the world leader in private DNA testing. Our highly-accredited laboratory offers paternity testing, immigration testing, veterinary DNA testing, forensic testing, and more. DDC is routinely selected as the premier laboratory to perform DNA testing for TV shows and radio programs. Our DNA tests exceed the media’s most stringent requirements, and we provide special services to meet the unique demands of each media client. Moreover, our scientists are available to give expert opinions and act as a resource whenever media members seek thought leaders on DNA testing.

With a team of highly qualified scientists and dedicated client service personnel, DDC continues to be the media’s primary source for answers to DNA testing questions. Dr. Michael Baird, DDC’s Laboratory Director, was the first DNA expert ever to testify in a US court in 1982 and has testified in hundreds of cases.

Dr. Baird has provided DNA expert consultation in such notable cases as the O.J. Simpson trial, the Anna Nicole Smith paternity case, and the Prince estate case, and has been interviewed on Larry King Live, Nancy Grace, Court TV and many others.

Paternity Testing When Two Alleged Fathers are Biologically Related

When it comes to UK paternity testing, it is not unusual for a customer to tell us there are two possible fathers that need to be tested for paternity and that those two fathers are biologically related. Not all biological relationships cause issues with testing or...

DNA Testing for UK Passport Applicants

Overview of Proving a Relationship for UK Passports  There are many reasons people seek to obtain UK passports. In the majority of cases, the immigration authorities will ask for proof of the existence of the family relationship on which the passport application is...


DDC is Open for Business As the effects of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) are being felt all over the world, it is not surprising that we are taking precautions and reviewing how we can best serve our customers. Our home testing service remains unchanged. Some customers...

How Accurate is DNA Paternity Testing?

DNA paternity testing involves analysing a set number of an individual’s DNA markers and then comparing the data to the same markers for another individual. These specific markers vary from individual to individual, and—like all genes—are inherited from both our...

Paternity Testing without the Father? YES!

By definition, you would think a paternity test should include the possible father of a child, right? But what if the man in question isn’t available to test? He may be deceased, imprisoned, absent for whatever reason, or unwilling to participate. Thanks to modern DNA...

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